It seems like every time I sign up for a new social media site I end up getting completely sucked into it.

So much so, I sometimes forget that I even have a real life.

*Que image of Mom looking at the computer with a blank stare and children making the house look like a war zone*

And since the purchase of my beloved smartphone, these obsessions have taken on a whole new form.

Let's look back at my history of social media as a prime example.

First, we had MySpace. The titan that started it all. I remember first getting a MySpace profile, I don't think I left that computer lab for a week! I was so hooked on stalking everyone I ever, I mean, reuniting with old friends.

Next came Facebook, which stills has me checking in at least twice a day and religiously posting pictures of my kids. (Including ones they will kill me for upon reaching adulthood).

And that was closely followed by twitter. Which somehow has become my link to celebrity gossip, news, and all things "Me" related. I've even gotten a few tweets back from some people who'd never have noticed me otherwise, But I'm not into name dropping...

Now we have Pinterest.

Oh, Pinterest. 

How I loathe thee and love thee all at the same time. 
I'm a new member to pinterest. 

Even though I've CONSTANTLY seen people posting about their pins (and friends pins, and strangers pins, and well....pins), I've never really been interested in what it was all about.

I mean hello, I'm a little busy chasing my 1 year old around for the perfect update picture and rubbing elbows (or keyboards) with celebrities; even if it is only in my mind.

(I should point out here that I felt the same way about Facebook and Twitter when they first blew up and we all see where that left me).

But despite all this (and a little voice in my head telling me not to because the house needed cleaning) I decide to see what all the fuss was about and made myself a profile.

Biggest. Mistake. Ever.

I don't know any substance in the world that can compare to the high you get when you log into pinterest!

And being able to look down at your phone when bored at the doctors office? It's all over at that point.

I wasn't even on it for an entire hour before I was hooked. 

I became a literal, pining psycho.
If you haven't had the privilege of discovering the thrill of pinterest, let me first ask, where the hell have you been?!

This is America. I thought even our rocks got internet access these days.

Next, let me place all judgements aside and introduce you:


See what I mean?

The positives? I've gotten some amazing new ideas for just about everything in my life.

From new outfit ideas (yes, my current wardrobe choices are now all from pinterest. Don't judge, it'll happen to you), to birthday decor.

Even meaningless fun stuff that is so truly and completely ingenious that you have to try them!

I mean really, who thought to use the top of a soda bottle for a chocolate-chip bag seal?! This person needs an award!

I'm sure eventually the newness of the site will wear off and I will be able to come back to my life and take care of my family properly.

But until then if you can't find me at work and I'm not answering my cell, then you will probably find me on pinterest.

Which leads me to the conclusion that they need to create an "IM" section so people can get a hold of you while you are successfully wasting your time on their site.

I wonder who I would have to talk to about that...

Don't be afraid to come check me out on Pinterest!