Do you remember the board game from years ago called 'Don't Wake Daddy?' 
Where the object of the game was to sneak into the kitchen, steal a snack, and, in the process, not make a sound that would wake up daddy?

Now, mind you, I never had the chance to play this game as a child. My mother thought it would inspire us to actually try sneaking into the kitchen without permission (as if we needed a game to be inspired).

But I can vividly remember the commercial.

I can remember the excitement I felt when seeing it.  The jingle that played (and that I always sang along to), how I'd get so nervous for the kids who were making a break for that kitchen. I can even recall being mad at the little girl in the end who said "by Parker Brothers" too loudly.

Well, this week, I find myself being reminded of this game and I find that after all these years I finally get a chance to play it.

But in my grown up version, I'm not trying keep daddy from waking, I'm trying to keep baby from waking.

You see, recently its come to my attention that my 8 month old son will only sleep for long periods of time if his bedroom door is open.

I'm not sure why this is.....probably because I'm is Mommy and he knows it makes my life harder.

Whatever the reason, I can't shut the door at night without him waking up.

It could be open for hours and he'll sleep wonderfully but THE SECOND you close the door that pathetic, ear splitting wail can be heard across town.

So last night (this is where my connection to the 90s board game comes in), as I'm heading for bed I catch myself tiptoeing past my child's bedroom.

I'm not talking about just a quiet step down the hall here. I'm telling you, this walk looked like something straight from a cartoon.

Arched back, bent knees, hands out for balance....everything.

Every step was perfectly placed. Every sound earned a glare. And every coo from my beautiful children had me whipping my head around so fast I worried about whiplash.

All the while the jingle from that blasted commercial was on repeat in my head.

♪ ♫ "Shhhh....Don't. Wake. Baby."♫ ♪

I'm not sure when I started playing this challenging (and sometimes deadly) late night game.

But I do know that every night I get to experience the same emotions my childhood self did when watching a television advertisement for a board game.

Right down to the pride and the high five given when you've successfully made it past daddy without stepping on a thing.

And people say the there's no thrill in being a stay at home mom.


12/30/2011 9:37pm

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