While I was going through the check-out line at my local grocery store this weekend, I just happened (Ok, ok. I troll those tabloids like I'm getting paid for it) to notice this...
Now, usually, I try not to get too upset by what these tabloids say. I may troll them but I know that the majority of what they contain is rumor and hog-wash. But for some reason this really bothered me.

In my own life and the lives of most of my friends I'm all for taking the easiest (cheapest) road when it comes to baby things. After all, even the cutest little outfit and blanket set is just going to get covered in poop and spit up on the first time you put it on anyway.
_So why pay more than you have to for it?

But come on. These women have both worked their asses off (literally and figuratively speaking) to have this kind of money. Why are we judging them because they wanna spend some (or lots) on their kids?

Granted, the article itself was written in a happy, up-beat tone; but the way it read to me was almost like it was trying to make us readers gasp in horror at the amount of money these ladies have wrapped up in baby things.

So what?

Us "normal people" may not have upwards of $10,000 to spend on crib bedding and nursery decor but you can bet your butt that if I did my baby's bedroom would look like it belonged in Buckingham Palace. 
And honestly? I would probably have it completely redone for every stage my baby went through (baby, toddler, etc).

I take my hat off to both of them.

They are only doing what every other parent in the world would love to do; blow billions of dollars on their children.


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