Over the last week I have learned a valuable lesson...we would NEVER get back our security deposit if my husband were in charge of cleaning. 

I never knew how fast a man and 2 young cubs could trash a house. You think a Fraternity party can get ugly? Nah. Swing open the door to my den and you'd think for sure that we hibernated through a killer party.

*Que explosion sound effects*  
A good friend once referred to this "messy man syndrome" as a tornado. Well, my Papa bear is exactly that type of tornado, he leaves little pieces of himself everywhere in his path. And (always the great role model) he has proceeded in teaching my boys this same art of mess making...which they have already perfected.

I wonder what would happen if I staged a strike? I picture it being exactly like the movie "Moms on Strike". Just a lot more confusion and a few messy diapers thrown in.

However, I can't dis dear ol' Papa Bear completely. When he decides to step up, the man can step up! You should see my bathroom, WOO HOO! I walked in and could LITERALLY hear the Halleluiah Chorus. The smell of Pine Sol was never so lovely...
The point I'm trying to make is that if it weren't for constantly going along behind everyone's back and picking up (Usually the items that were just picked up 5 mins ago...), this place would look like the day after a great kegger....minus the booze and naked women.

It's all good though. In the depths of my closet are some markers and a piece of poster board. If my dishes don't get done tonight, this may not end well...


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